How to Get Followers on Twitter Fast 2019 – Tips & Tricks

9 trick to get twitter followers

Do you want to get twitter followers fast? But stuck in the way because you don’t have any clue about how to begin the magic?

No matter how much you think that you are a great influencer, we all know that you still care about your real twitter followers. It is a fact and is for good reason. Presence of high-quality twitter followers on your twitter account is a fundamental thing for your brand’s or business credibility and popularity. Basically, your entire twitter marketing strategy is based on these numbers i.e., of real twitter followers number. After all, when you have a solid batch of real twitter followers it means that you will have more eyes on product and more of your products are getting the exposure that you require.

But building a community with real active twitter followers is not that easy. This process needs time with the use of some legal tactics and hacks in order to expand your reach to more audience.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

We have been struggling to work on this “get twitter followers fast hacks” from a very long time ago. Eventually, after testing a lot of these tactics and hacks, we finally made some serious progress in this matter. In this blog post, I am going to share some of those hacks that will help you to get twitter followers fast. So, in this article, we are going to share 9 awesome hacks to increase your audience, and with the use of these hacks, you can get high-quality twitter followers efficiently.

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Let’s just dive in!

Start Your Blogs

Starting your own blogs is a very feasible tool in increasing your audience. Select the topics of your interest so it will be easy for you to write more quality content. Though the blogs will be independent of your twitter account, but when people read your publications, they will get inspired by it and automatically start searching for you on Twitter to enjoy more of your quality stuff. So, it’s an easy way to increase your organic approach and having more real twitter followers.

Adding Twitter Follow Button to Get Instant Twitter Followers

To get twitter followers fast it is an important thing for you to eliminate all the barricades to entry. The main blockage in accessing your profile is finding your official account among the millions or billions of account. So, the easiest and simplest approach is to include a follow button or you can also add a social media sharing widget with your Blogs.

All you need to do to add a little bit of HTML coding. If you wish to include a real Twitter follow button then you’ll need this code only:

<a href=”” class=”twitter-follow-button” data-show-count=”true”> Follow </a>

Otherwise, you can also place your own styled button as well but then you will have to include this code as well:

<script src= type=”text/javascript”></script>

By using this button you can shift the audience from your blog posts to your twitter accounts and can get instant twitter followers. The most impressive example here is of Brian Dean, how he utilized this feature in He provided an excellent introductory article with all the relevant social proofs and a simple button to follow Backlinko.

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Share your Twitter Account on other Social Media Platforms

Share your Twitter account links on other social media platforms as well so that people from those platforms can also follow you. If you ever collaborate with other bloggers or influencers don’t forget to ask them to mention your Twitter account in their posts, this way more and more people will get to follow you.

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Optimize Your Twitter Profile

The first thing you need to do is to optimize your Twitter profile and making it perfect from all aspects. If you want to engage more active twitter followers then making a perfect profile is best practice for you. Let the visitors know who you really are and what you want to do, and persuade them to not leave without giving you a follow. Use your real name, a suitable picture for dp, a header photo, and proper comprehensive bio. Using keywords in your Twitter Account’s bio can also help you in ranking Twitter Search.

Utilizing Hashtags in Your Posts

Using hashtags in your posts is also another way to effectively increase your real twitter followers. You can give a boost to your posts by adding 1 or 2 hashtags in it, but using too many of them or irrelevant ones will make a total waste of your posts. According to WordStream – Online advertising made easy, Tweets with hashtags get 5X more engagements than usual tweets that are without hashtags, so using them increases the likelihood of getting new followers on your account. You can find many such hashtags using google or there are some tools also available for this purpose.


Engage with Twitter Retweets, Likes and Tags

To get more real twitter followers does not have to be a time-sink thing, increasing the audience means you should spend more time on the respective platform. Obviously, you should schedule your timings but at the same time you need to make it look real and authentic, so it doesn’t give the impressions as it is completely handled by a bot. You need to be more active in order to engage more active twitter followers.

You can start it from replying to other big brands and companies tweets and retweeting their tweets. Writing an impressive long response will definitely grab more attention towards you. On the other hand, you can grab other renowned brands attention by giving them shout out and tagging them in your tweets. Tagging other brands in your post is considered a way to show your love and appreciation for them in this industry, and in return, they might also give you a shout out. This strategy is simple; it is solely based on give and take principle. The more you give your time the more you get a response.

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Use More Visual Content

We all know that posts with visual contents like GIFS, videos or images get more attention than the posts or tweets without them. Though there isn’t anything wrong in sharing solely text-based tweets, but still using images make an immense impact on viewers. Even the simplest images, like the one used by Slack, can do the trick and you can get twitter followers fast.

slack image

Buy Cheap Twitter Followers

Wondering how to get targeted twitter followers? Well, another easy and immediate way to get instant twitter followers is to buy Twitter Followers. Buying your audience from these tools and websites will efficiently increase your rank in social media marketing. You can find many such websites that will be offering you packages like “buy cheap twitter followers”, “buy twitter followers UK”, buy 1000 twitter followers”, “buy 500 twitter followers” etc, but you need to check first whether the website or the tool is authentic or not and if it is actually providing the real twitter followers without spamming. “Get Follows Now” can be your go-to tool in this regard. They provide with 100% real results and help you get the recognition that you demand. It can be your best website to buy twitter followers and increase your audience instantly.

Or you can also get your help from this video as well, that shares “Twitter Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2018: A Quick Twitter Tutorial for Beginners and Business”

Watch this video on YouTube.
How to Get Followers on Twitter Fast 2019 – Tips & Tricks

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